I love music. Ever since I got my first stereo cassette player back in the 80’s, I started mixing music. Just simple mixes using recorded sounds from the radio. When I got older I desired a computer to make music with. I desperately wanted a Comodore 64 computer to make music with (sample based music), but my dad bought me an Atari with a midikeyboard instead. Back in the 90’s I made some tracks with it but I didn’t know how to play the keyboard and so I lost interest.

After that I mixed music with my PC using only a wave editor. I made dozens of mixes that way. First I selected the tracks I wanted to use, calculate the BPM’s and then I would make minimixes/very short versions from those tracks. Then I would mix the short tracks together to create a sort of Megamix with around 70-100 tracks.
Listen here:

Then at the beginning of 2001 I discovered Propellerhead Reason!
Me and my brother started making music with it and never stopped doing it ;-)

Now a decade later I’m still using only Propellerhead Reason to make my music and be super creative with!
Listen here:

Soon, I hope, I release my own Rack Extension for Reason.
Mixfood Orange (Sample-based Synth)





Demo song, 100% Reason, 100% Mixfood Orange, 100% made in Holland!



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